The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 7

The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 7

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24 February 2023
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The place where Li Meixiu and I talked or played games was on the porch of the building. On the one hand, we could avoid the interference of our cousins and aluminium laminated tube, we agreed on the topic, limited the rhyme, each person wrote poems separately, passed on the grade, and prepared some prizes, such as fans, paper and so on. Poetry contests were always held in our study in the evening, and we all sat and listened. Now I only remember the poem “Ode to the Cricket” written by my father,cosmetic tube, but it is not complete yet. Under the bed, I sing a song called “Xiao Yang Xiao’er”, which is dedicated to seeking the same kind of struggle. He Xiang also has a song called “Ode to the Cottage”, and I only remember two lines:.. I remember these sentences because my uncle joked with my father that he could not get rid of the true qualities of a soldier even if he wrote poems. Father also laughs to say: “Poem expresses ambition, I think of what to write what, of course the word cannot catch up with you so refined.” But I realized that my uncle really liked my father’s “military nature”, and my uncles and my father and his colleagues often talked late into the night after the poetry contest. We all went to bed at that time, and we didn’t know what they talked about. Every time my uncle came to spend the summer vacation, he would bring some books, some of which we were not allowed to read. The more we were not allowed to read, the more we wanted to read. My brothers encouraged me to steal them. When I stole them, they turned out to be brochures of “Tongmenghui” such as “Tianjiao”. After we looked at it secretly, we hurried back to the original place secretly. My third brother, Xie Weiji, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminted tube, was born in our best friend Chao Po-tao came and said, One of his relatives, who works at the Working People’s Cultural Palace,plastic packing tube, has received a secret order from the higher authorities to prepare dozens of big wooden sticks and go out at any time. He asked my daughter, “Why don’t you go every day?” My daughters nodded their heads. He shook their hands tightly and said, “Be careful!” He left in a hurry.