PU Pressed Steel Heavy Duty Caster Free Sample

PU Pressed Steel Heavy Duty Caster Free Sample

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18 May 2023
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PU Pressed Steel Heavy Duty Caster Free Sample Hubei Space Double Rhombus Logistics Technology Co., LTD. is a large-scale professional manufacturer of modern casters, airport trolley and series of airport facility and equipment products, which integrate researching, developing, manufacturing and sale in whole. DOUBLE RHOMBUS was founded in 1 9 7 8 and has experienced 40 years of researching and manufacturing. Currently, the company has owned professional and specialized production lines for punching, welding, bending, injection molding, electroplating, assembling and testing. With the extensive application of automated equipment and progressive mould, the productivity has been over 6 0 containers per month.
DOUBLE RHOMBUS is a major leading caster manufacturer and supplier for its high quality products and service, which sells both in the international market and the domestic market. The company currently has more than 30 senior professional and technical personnel, more than 20 quality management personnel and has hold a greater capability of new product development and quality control. In 1993, the national Standard Bureau entrusted the corporation to compile the National Standard(GB/T14687-2011) which is the standard of caster production today.
DOUBLE RHOMBUS has many professional caster testing equipment, which can do professional test: walking performance test, salt spray test, brake fatigue test, load test, brake performance test, pulling-out force est, impact force test and etc. DOUBLE RHOMBUS has got ISO9001 Certification in 1996, and attained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification in 2003. In 2010, Double Rhombus got certificate of ISO14001 circumstance system and OHSAS18001 health system. Since 2014, Double Rhombus officially became the BSCI member,it鈥檚 our goal to supply safe and healthy products.PU Pressed Steel Heavy Duty Caster Free Sample