Occupy a plump wife

Occupy a plump wife

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10 March 2023
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Embarrassed no longer look at each other with her lowered his head and raised his hand to grab the back of his head a face of amnesia Qiao Huan helplessly suppressed a smile “I went downstairs first” “Well!” He hummed and found that his voice was hoarse and he continued to look out of the windady close to her back She continued to be silent In fact she was very happy Did it hurt you Lowering his head and whispering in her ear Qiao Huan looked out of the window and his little face turned red Or the baby He continued to test like an ignorant big boy which made her laugh and cry a little It’s time to eat! At this time Fu En came out to shout for breakfast which ended the awkward conversation although he was the only one talking about the whole process Qiao Huan did not speak during the meal but Nangong Ling always looked at her from time to Gifts & Crafts time looking at her a little indigestion Li Tianlan looked aside in the heart is really the feeling of being burned obviously do not want to look again but can not make a mistake in front of the elders Qiao Huan had not planned to go to the leisurely residence today but when it was almost noon the foreman suddenly called to say that somes pregnant woman still delicate to the extreme Especially the upright smile showing the familiar professionalism does not offend people “Everyone I am Qiao Huan the manager of the leisurely residence what can I do for you” Qiao Huan asked with a smile The customer is God even if there is a pig in front of him as long as he comes to consume she will treat him equally China Factory Are you the manager here One of them a middle-aged bald man with a big belly asked while picking his teeth with an expensive and delicate toothpin’s background
Qiao Huan lowered his head and looked up again with a smile “Have you asked someone to test it What kind of poison is it” Qiao Huan asked his men on one side not neglecting but not foolishly in such a hurry to apologize after all since the posture of others is Sports & Entertainment too high even if she is anxious to reach others I’ll be there soon I’ve already called! The head waiter’s face was not very good-lookinuan said and looked at a few men sitting the sharp eyes seems to be able to penetrate their hearts a few big men because of her cold eyes actually some panic But in the end after investigation it was some other hotels that looked down on our leisurely living too much passenger flow to deliberately damage our reputation Once the police were involved it was not our leisurely living that damaged our reputation She paused again and her sharp eyes continued to stare at several people