Hipot Test Equipment price

Hipot Test Equipment price

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18 May 2023
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Hipot Test Equipment price Product Overview
Dc high voltage generator adopts high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to make closed adjustment with high voltage stability, small ripple factor and fast reliable protection circuit. The wide temperature LCD screen adopts green back light, which enables clear display either in bright light or in darkness. High-pressure components use Dupont new filling material, making the product more stable and reliable. Products are widely used in electricity power supply departments, power transmission and transformation engineering company and preventive test of large industrial enterprises and scientific research institutes as regulated dc high voltage power supply.
Main Functional Characteristics
1銆丏c high voltage generator adopts high frequency PWM technology to make closed adjustment with high voltage stability, small ripple factor and fast reliable protection circuit. The generator can endure direct discharge by devices of large capacitance. It is of small size and of light weight, convenient for field use.
2銆丗ull range of linear smoothly adjusted voltage, with voltage regulation accuracy smaller than 0.1%; voltage measurement accuracy is 0.5%, resolution 0.1kv; Current measurement accuracy is 0.5%, the minimum resolution: control box 1碌A, shock resistance current 0.1碌A.
3銆乀he generator uses AC 220 V power supply (AC220V卤10%, 50 hz卤1%), the ripple factor is less than 0.5%, and can be used for all-weather at the site .
4銆丠igh voltage multiplier uses Dupont materials for full solid encapsulation, overcoming the inconvenience brought by the air and oil filled equipment. Broad base and outer cylinder of light quality makes it stand steadily and more convenient for maintenance.
5銆?5% MOA voltage switch button, simple and convenient testing arrester.
6銆丱ver-voltage setting function displays the over-voltage value during regulation process; perfect protection against discharge of over-voltage, over-current and short circuit. This is the best companion for cable experiments.
7銆丳erfect break line and non-zero potential start protection function protects the operator and samples at any time. This product has overall design of shock-proof control box, concise, clear panel design and voice prompt for operation.
Product Models and Technical Parameters
Voltage (KV)/
Current (mA)Control BoxHigh-Voltage Unit
Rated VoltageSize (mm)Weight kgSize (mm)Weight kg
60/2-560KV310 * 250 * 2305kg470 * 260 * 2206kg
80/2-580KV310 * 250 * 2306kg490*260*2208kg
100/2-5100KV310 * 250 * 2306kg550*260*2208kg
120/2-5120KV310 * 250 * 2307kg600 * 260 * 22010kg
200/2-5200KV310 * 250 * 2308kg1000 * 280 * 27020kg
300/2-5300KV310 * 250 * 2309kg1300 * 280 * 27022kg
350/2-5350KV310 * 250 * 2309kg1350 * 280 * 27023kg
output polarityNegative polarity, no-voltage start, linear continuous adjustment
Working power suppl